Your Perspective = Your Child’s Destiny

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Your Perspective = Your Child’s Destiny

“How parents and teachers talk, tells a child how they feel about him…
To a large extent, their language determines his destiny.”
–Haim Ginott

One of my favorite newsletters is from Custom Homeschool Curriculum by Jena Names. She always has wonderful gems. I asked her to be my guest blogger today and this is what she shared.

As our children enter school, we begin to view them through an “education
lens”. One that focuses more on their abilities to conform to a preset mold
(whether it’s a 4th grade curriculum or the kid next door) rather than
nurturing their unique talents.

Recently, I created a Celebration List and it transformed the way I view my
children. (This idea came from the book, “Discover Your Child’s Learning
Style” by Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Kindle Hodson.) Grab a piece of
paper and list your child’s skills, accomplishments, and uniqueness. Then
read it daily. You’ll see all that your child CAN do. You’ll begin speaking
to her “cans” instead of her “cant’s”.  So, keep things in perspective and
celebrate your child.

Thank You!

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