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Welcome to my Blog about Memory Tips

Memory Tips

Welcome to my Blog about Memory Tips


If you want to learn about all kinds of memory tips to help students succeed, you’re in the right place!  As a teacher in the elementary grades, I’ve always been fascinated with how the brain remembers things. I’m retired now, so I have more time to devote to my obsession!

When my own children were small, I made up this crazy word association method with pictures for remembering all the states and capitals.  To this day, they still remember that the capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg because there’s this hairy bug in a pen!

While I was teaching, I was aware that my third grade students needed help in memorizing multiplication and division facts.  I came up with a memory system using pictures, stories and rhyming words that worked like a charm!  Soon I was sharing it with other teachers and Memory Joggers was born!  My brain is still busily coming up with memory tips that I want to share with you.  Share your tips with me too, O.K.?

Anxious to hear from you,