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The Punctuation Song

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The Punctuation Song

Proper punctuation is very important in a child’s writing experience and entire life. Remembering what the symbols look like and when they are used, is part of the learning to write criteria. What I like about this little song, is how it teaches children to read aloud with the right voice for each punctuation mark. I always followed up with a read-aloud book where I could emphasize many of these marks. I think it is very important to use voice modulations in reading to stimulate a love for reading.

Sing this song to the tune of Jolly Old St. Nicholas and use hand gestures. It’s a lot of fun and children learn the meanings of the punctuation symbols very quickly. As you know, singing is one of the best ways to store information in a child’s long term memory. The brain remembers in patterns and when we sing, we are using musical patterns and rhymes. Perfect!

The Punctuation Song

I am a period, I look just like a dot.

Every time you see me, you must stop, stop, stop.

I am a question mark, you might ask me why?

Every time you see me, your voice will go up high.

I am a comma, I look just like a hook.

Every time you see me, slow down and take a look.

I’m an exclamation point, I’m full of surprise!

Every time you see me, widen up your eyes!

We are “quotation marks”, we come in groups of two,

Every time you see us, “Talking” is what we do.

Credit goes to Mrs. Jones for this clever song.