The Power of Stories

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The Power of Stories

I just read an interesting blog about the amazing power of using a story in helping children remember information.  Stories bring facts alive and are easily remembered.

Let’s say you want to teach about Abraham Lincoln and how he died.  You get the facts and relate it to the students.  Next day, they remember nothing.

Now, if you put the same information into a story form and add a little drama, presto, kids are hooked and remember!  Check out this story about Lincoln.  Kids are mesmerized and will probably remember all the details.

Yes, story is powerful!  Even remembering math terms can be converted into stories.  The story of King Inch in Memory Tips for Math is a good example of the power of story for remembering inch, foot, yard and mile.  Or Sir Cumference and the First Round Table for teaching about radius, diameter and circumference.

Why do stories work?

  • Makes the information easy to understand
  • Holds student’s attention and interest
  • The brain remembers stories easily

The reason Memory Joggers Multiplication and Division system works so well is because it is all based on stories.

By adding drama and good story telling skills, memorization is achieved.  Give it a try! Have some fun by turning on your creativity!