Teaching Supplies at a Discount!

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Teaching Supplies at a Discount!

tlkAbtMnyI was impressed with this bundle of books from Knowledge Box Central. It’s a bundle of teaching tools on Money and Math, a value of $35.00 on sale now for $8.99! There’s a great blog about How to Talk to Kids About Money. What I like about this bundle is the span of grades it covers, starting young and progressing as your children mature.


Another favorite product for pre-K, kindergarten and 1st grade, is Puppy Pursuit Memory Game. Naturally I’m going to recommend developing your child’s memory and stimulating those brain cells at an early age. Memorization is key to exceptional learning. Check out my Addition & Subtraction Rhyming Cards.  Another great memorization tool to help children memorize their facts using pictures and clapping rhymes.

imgresIf your child is balking at math and hates it, I strongly suggest taking a look at Life of Fred Math Books. The books offer a fresh look at math, more in story form with hands-on ideas. This is what others are saying about them: “Life of Fred is a series of math books that are nothing like the textbooks you may remember. The Fred books are filled with adventure, humor, cross-curricular lessons, and everything needed for a perfect math resource.”


Hope these reviews have been helpful. Stay tuned for more teaching ideas and resources!