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Dividing Fractions and Other Memory Tips

12 November, 2015

I found this clever video to help students remember the order of operations for dividing fractions. It uses the “Keep, Change, Flip” mnemonic to teach ...
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How to Communicate with Parents

31 December, 2014

The Value of Take-Home-Journals Keeping parents up to date on what is going on in the classroom is imperative as a teacher. My most successful ...
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Travel Memory Game

26 March, 2013

On a long car ride, parents dread hearing “Are we there yet?” Or the kids are glued to cartoons on their iPhones or devices. Learning ...
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Recommended Reading, Writing & Vocabulary Apps

26 May, 2012

Kids love to play on tablet devices. Why not give them some apps that will challenge their brains? These are some reading, writing and vocabulary ...
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Visual Vocabulary Memory Tip

26 April, 2010

Learning the meanings of new vocabulary words often stress kids out!  Make it easy on them.  Try making an association or rhyme and drawing a ...
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