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Avoid 3rd Grade Math Anxiety in the Fall

25 June, 2016

Going back to school means building on the concepts learned last year. But what if your child was a little shaky on some of those math concepts? ...
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Learn How to Memorize Addition Facts!

4 January, 2015

I’m an avid user of Pinterest but I am shocked to see so many postings teaching children how to count on their fingers or use ...
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Magic Triangle for Distance, Speed, Time, Word Problems

21 March, 2014

Use the Magic Triangle for Distance, Speed, Time, Word Problems I love this visual for solving distance (d), speed (s) and time (t) word problems. ...
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Kingdom of Gallon – Learning Liquid Measurement

10 August, 2013

The Kingdom of Gallon is one of the most popular sections in my best-selling book Memory Tips for Math. The reason it’s so popular is ...
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Remembering Proper & Improper Fractions

17 August, 2012

I always love using pictures to illustrate a difficult concept in math. My third grade students often had a hard time remembering the difference between ...
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Memorize the 7 Continents with Easy Memory Tip

4 August, 2011

It’s easy to remember a list of things if you have a plan. Let’s say we want to remember the 7 continents in the world: ...
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No Summer Boredom for Visual Learners!

20 June, 2009

If you read my previous blog on discovering your child’s learning style, you must be reading this because you have a Visual Learner in your ...
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What is Your Child’s Learning Style?

15 June, 2009

I can remember looking at math word problems as a child, and feeling none of this made any sense. My dad, who was good at ...
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