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Sudoku Math to Stimulate Young Brains

23 February, 2011

Kindergarten Sudoku I just came across a book that I think is a brilliant idea – Kindergarten Sudoku by Peter Kattan.  I’ve been studying the ...
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Drawing with Children Develops Right-Brain Thinking

5 July, 2010

Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes If summer feels boring for your kids, teach them to draw.  “But I don’t know how to draw,” you moan.  ...
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Learning Liquid Measurement

4 July, 2010

Do your kids struggle with learning liquid measurement? Do they have trouble remembering how many cups, pints and quarts there are in a gallon? Here’s ...
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The Power of Stories

13 May, 2010

I just read an interesting blog about the amazing power of using a story in helping children remember information.  Stories bring facts alive and are ...
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Your Perspective = Your Child’s Destiny

11 April, 2010

“How parents and teachers talk, tells a child how they feel about him… To a large extent, their language determines his destiny.” –Haim Ginott One ...
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Why I Wrote Thought for the Day

8 April, 2010

I love inspiring children to write.  During my years in the classroom, I began every morning with an inspiring “Thought for the Day.”  Students wrote ...
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Improve Math Scores in 30 Days!

22 February, 2010

Wow!  That’s a bold claim!  But it’s true.  There are two math subject areas that MUST be memorized or children will suffer all of their ...
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My Passion is Teaching

16 December, 2009

I LOVE TO TEACH!  Yes, that’s my passion!  I’m no longer in the classroom on a daily basis but once a teacher, always a teacher.  ...
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Silly Stories Stave-off Memory Loss

30 November, 2009

I always thought everyone used memory techniques to remember things.  Not so! This simple little memory trick to remember a list of things works like ...
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Get ’em Dancing and Singing (Audio Learners)

22 October, 2009

There’s so many ways to engage children while they’re learning. And sources abound. Like this video of Feist on Sesame Street… ...
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