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Memorization Stimulates Learning

BLOG Post 04/01/13 – Better Brains Stimulate Learning | BLOG Post 10/18/11 – How to Develop a Super Memory

Memorization Stimulates Learning Kids are relying on Google as their memory. Not a good idea! The brain needs to be taught to memorize, by using memory exercises, and learning to memorize poetry and math facts. Memory is important in building relationships, establishing recognition of patterns, people and events. Then the brain transforms this information to…

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Travel Memory Game

On a long car ride, parents dread hearing “Are we there yet?” Or the kids are glued to cartoons on their iPhones or devices. Learning is no where to be found and communication is dead. I’ve found this Travel Memory Game to be a fun answer to this problem. It’s challenging for any age and…

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Math, Manipulatives & Magic Wands Book Review

Math, Manipulatives & Magic Wands by Karen Simmons & Cindy Guinn I love this book and my students love the projects! It’s easy to use with pictures that show the visual outcome. You know which NCTM standards are being addressed too. There are lots of reproducible sheets to help teachers and parents. Its packed with…

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Memory & Math Apps to Keep the Brain Sharp!

BLOG Post 05/23/12 – Memory & Math Apps to Keep the Brain Sharp

Apps for Summer Fun! Summer is quickly approaching and kids need to be challenged. I love games that are not only fun but stimulate the brain! If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone, look for similar games for the computer.   I especially like Rocket Math. This app cleverly integrates learning math with rocket…

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Memorizing – Trains the Brain to Retain

BLOG Post 02/15/12 – Memorizing: Trains the Brain to Retain

This title reminds me of a  line from a song in My Fair Lady, “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.”  We may not know any other lines in the song, but we remember that one because it’s a type of mnemonic – a rhyme. Something is happening in our educational system and…

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A New Look at Learning

BLOG Post 02/03/12 – A New Look at Learning

I remember Goldie Hawn from the 70’s as the ditzy blonde comedian who made us laugh. I recently saw her on TV talking about The Hawn Foundation and how it’s promoting a program in the schools called “MindUP“.  In my opinion, MindUP is a solid answer to many of our students’ problems. Watch this video…

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What about those “Shakers & Movers?” (Kinesthetic Learners)

BLOG Post 12/28/11 – What about those “Shakers & Movers?” – Kinesthetic Learners

Yes, Kinesthetic Learners are the “shakers & movers!” They only make up about 5% of the population, but since their style of learning doesn’t fit into the norm, they are often characterized as having a learning problem. And most of the time, they don’t! These children do well being homeschooled or in smaller classes where their mode of learning is understood.

Kinesthetic learners learn best by moving their bodies, activating their large or small muscles as they learn. These are the “hands-on learners” or the “doers” who actually concentrate better and learn more easily when movement is involved.

The question is, “So how do I teach my kinesthetic learner?”

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Memorize the 7 Continents with Easy Memory Tip

BLOG Post 08/04/11 – Memorize the 7 Continents with Easy Memory Tip

It’s easy to remember a list of things if you have a plan. Let’s say we want to remember the 7 continents in the world: Africa Antarctica Asia Australia North America South America Europe   Step 1 – Analyze the list. Four continents begin with the letter “A”. Two other continents begin with “A” but…

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Memorizing States & Capitals is Fun!

Making it Fun for Kids to Learn I just received the nicest comment about “Let’s Memorize States & Capitals” cards. This is why I love what I do. (Making memorizing fun.) I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could associate the state name with the capital name. I tried different stories and…

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Art Stimulates Learning in Children

I recently read an interesting article in Parenting Magazine called, “Why Art Makes Kids Smarter.” I’ve been concerned for a long time about the cut back of art programs in the public schools. Art, music, drama all provide access to right brain creating and learning and we need this balance of logic (left brain) and…

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