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Fun and Educational Gift Ideas for kids

28 November, 2017

Holiday Savings from Memory Joggers! Looking for fun and educational gift ideas for your little learners? Let Memory Joggers help! We are offering cash off ...
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Avoid 3rd Grade Math Anxiety in the Fall

25 June, 2016

Going back to school means building on the concepts learned last year. But what if your child was a little shaky on some of those math concepts? ...
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Fun Activities for the Last Day of School

2 May, 2016

I don’t know who is more excited about the last day of school – the kids or the teacher!  I read a blog by Janelle Cox ...
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Teaching Supplies at a Discount!

1 April, 2016

I found a new website geared to helping teachers and parents find teaching supplies at reasonable costs. Educents is a well run company whose staff is ...
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Thought for the Day, 365 writing prompts for students

16 August, 2015

When I was teaching in the elementary grades, I used quotations and sayings as a writing prompt every day. I began each morning with a ...
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Categories: Book Reviews, Writing

Mindfulness in a Device Distracted World

22 March, 2015

See more pictures of the book, Sidewalk Flowers. I subscribe to Brain Pickings Weekly which is an informative and inspirational email I receive each week. ...
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The Marble Jar – Positive Classroom Management

2 March, 2015

Giving students rewards for good behavior far out-weighs the negative approach. The first year I taught,  there was chaos in my classroom. I tried writing ...
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Categories: Teacher Resources

Using Comics to Visualize and Remember

17 February, 2015

Using Comics to Visualize and Remember I don’t know if you are like me but I love to learn new things. I’ve been reading some ...
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Categories: Memory & Learning

10 Memory Techniques to Boost Students’ Learning

17 February, 2015

Today I am sharing ideas from an article I read in The Guardian, Teacher’s Network,  by Jonathan Hancock*, world renown memory expert, author and teacher. ...
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Learn How to Memorize Addition Facts!

4 January, 2015

I’m an avid user of Pinterest but I am shocked to see so many postings teaching children how to count on their fingers or use ...
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