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Mindfulness in a Device Distracted World

22 March, 2015

See more pictures of the book, Sidewalk Flowers. I subscribe to Brain Pickings Weekly which is an informative and inspirational email I receive each week. ...
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Using Comics to Visualize and Remember

17 February, 2015

Using Comics to Visualize and Remember I don’t know if you are like me but I love to learn new things. I’ve been reading some ...
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Categories: Memory & Learning

10 Memory Techniques to Boost Students’ Learning

17 February, 2015

Today I am sharing ideas from an article I read in The Guardian, Teacher’s Network,  by Jonathan Hancock*, world renown memory expert, author and teacher. ...
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Why the Memory Joggers System Works

12 October, 2014

Today I thought I’d show you why the Memory Joggers Systems work so well. I used proven memorization principles with all my products. Multiplication/Division Addition/Subtraction Memory ...
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Lafcadio by Shel Silverstein Book Review

27 July, 2014

Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back by Shel Silverstein Lafcadio, is my favorite read-aloud book. Every year when school starts, I pull out my well-worn ...
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Categories: Book Reviews, Writing

Kingdom of Gallon – Learning Liquid Measurement

10 August, 2013

The Kingdom of Gallon is one of the most popular sections in my best-selling book Memory Tips for Math. The reason it’s so popular is ...
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How to Memorize the 13 Colonies in Order Free Download

18 May, 2012

I recently came up with an easy way to learn the 13 colonies in chronological order. Stories are a great memory technique because they follow a ...
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Categories: Geography, History

Memorizing States & Capitals is Fun!

26 July, 2011

Making it Fun for Kids to Learn I just received the nicest comment about “Let’s Memorize States & Capitals” cards. This is why I love ...
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The Power of Stories

13 May, 2010

I just read an interesting blog about the amazing power of using a story in helping children remember information.  Stories bring facts alive and are ...
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Improve Math Scores in 30 Days!

22 February, 2010

Wow!  That’s a bold claim!  But it’s true.  There are two math subject areas that MUST be memorized or children will suffer all of their ...
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