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Memorize the Countries of the World by Drawing

11 November, 2011

I recently found the most amazing book Mapping the World by Heart by David J. Smith, that teaches students (5th grade through college) how to ...
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Memorizing States & Capitals is Fun!

26 July, 2011

Making it Fun for Kids to Learn I just received the nicest comment about “Let’s Memorize States & Capitals” cards. This is why I love ...
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Let’s Memorize States & Capitals

26 January, 2011

I’m excited! I Just finished creating a set of cards for memorizing states and capitals using pictures and associations and I am really pleased with ...
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The Power of Stories

13 May, 2010

I just read an interesting blog about the amazing power of using a story in helping children remember information.  Stories bring facts alive and are ...
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