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Avoid 3rd Grade Math Anxiety in the Fall

25 June, 2016

Going back to school means building on the concepts learned last year. But what if your child was a little shaky on some of those math concepts? ...
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10 Memory Techniques to Boost Students’ Learning

17 February, 2015

Today I am sharing ideas from an article I read in The Guardian, Teacher’s Network,  by Jonathan Hancock*, world renown memory expert, author and teacher. ...
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The Power of Memorization in Teaching

25 September, 2014

You are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem and Smarter than you think. A. A. Milne (Author of Winnie-the -Pooh) Children thrive on ...
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The Punctuation Song

23 April, 2013

Proper punctuation is very important in a child’s writing experience and entire life. Remembering what the symbols look like and when they are used, is ...
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Memorization Stimulates Learning

1 April, 2013

Memorization Stimulates Learning Kids are relying on Google as their memory. Not a good idea! The brain needs to be taught to memorize, by using ...
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Memorizing Inspiring Thoughts

6 November, 2012

Here’s an idea to spark some interesting dinner-time table-talk and memorize inspiring thoughts. I collect and memorize quotations. To me it’s like having a mini-library ...
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Memorize the Countries of the World by Drawing

11 November, 2011

I recently found the most amazing book Mapping the World by Heart by David J. Smith, that teaches students (5th grade through college) how to ...
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Let’s Memorize States & Capitals

26 January, 2011

I’m excited! I Just finished creating a set of cards for memorizing states and capitals using pictures and associations and I am really pleased with ...
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