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Avoid 3rd Grade Math Anxiety in the Fall

Memory Tips

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Avoid 3rd Grade Math Anxiety in the Fall

Going back to school means building on the concepts learned last year. But what if your child was a little shaky on some of those math concepts? Avoid 3rd grade math anxiety in the fall by knowing which concepts your child should master by the end of the summer. There are several areas which can be extra-tricky for…

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Dividing Fractions and Other Memory Tips

I found this clever video to help students remember the order of operations for dividing fractions. It uses the “Keep, Change, Flip” mnemonic to teach students how to divide fractions. Keep the first fraction the same. Change the division sign to multiplication.  Flip the second fraction over, then solve it the same way as a…

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Why the Memory Joggers System Works

Today I thought I’d show you why the Memory Joggers Systems work so well. I used proven memorization principles with all my products. Multiplication/Division Addition/Subtraction Memory Tips for Math Book Memorizing States and Capitals.   You know how hard it is trying to teach instant recall of facts. You try flash cards and the only students…

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Remembering Proper & Improper Fractions

BLOG Post 08/17/12 – Remembering Proper and Improper Fractions

I always love using pictures to illustrate a difficult concept in math. My third grade students often had a hard time remembering the difference between a proper and improper fraction. At least until I got the bright idea to turn it into a visual. We talked about whether it was proper (or right) for a…

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Math, Manipulatives & Magic Wands Book Review

Math, Manipulatives & Magic Wands by Karen Simmons & Cindy Guinn I love this book and my students love the projects! It’s easy to use with pictures that show the visual outcome. You know which NCTM standards are being addressed too. There are lots of reproducible sheets to help teachers and parents. Its packed with…

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What about those “Shakers & Movers?” (Kinesthetic Learners)

BLOG Post 12/28/11 – What about those “Shakers & Movers?” – Kinesthetic Learners

Yes, Kinesthetic Learners are the “shakers & movers!” They only make up about 5% of the population, but since their style of learning doesn’t fit into the norm, they are often characterized as having a learning problem. And most of the time, they don’t! These children do well being homeschooled or in smaller classes where their mode of learning is understood.

Kinesthetic learners learn best by moving their bodies, activating their large or small muscles as they learn. These are the “hands-on learners” or the “doers” who actually concentrate better and learn more easily when movement is involved.

The question is, “So how do I teach my kinesthetic learner?”

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Visual Vocabulary Memory Tip

BLOG Post 04/26/10 – Vocabulary Memory Tip

Learning the meanings of new vocabulary words often stress kids out!  Make it easy on them.  Try making an association or rhyme and drawing a little picture to illustrate the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary words. Kinesthetic learners need to act out the words in order to remember.  Not sure which learning style they are?  Take…

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What is Your Child’s Learning Style?

Learning Centers in the Brain

I can remember looking at math word problems as a child, and feeling none of this made any sense. My dad, who was good at math, couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting it.  I knew there must be some way to figure out those awful word problems, so secretly I drew pictures  and “lo…

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