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Multiplication & Division: BASIC Package

Memory Tips

Multiplication & Division: BASIC Package


Stories & Pictures Make Memorization Easy!

This package provides everything needed for your child to learn how to multiply and divide all the facts from 0 through 12. Our Memory Joggers Learning System incorporates proven memory methods to reach all children with their own specific learning styles.  The memory techniques we incorporate into this system use rhymes, stories, pictures, associations, mnemonics;  along with fun activities to speed the learning process. Students learn in less than 2 months.

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Here’s What’s Included…


When I began teaching third grade, I found some difficulty with teaching the basics of multiplication.  I tried rote drills, writing times tables, speed drills, etc.  I recently discovered your system and it works like magic.  The children are multiplying like I would have never believed they could.  Your program is a remarkable way of teaching the basics of multiplication.  It’s worth its weight in gold!

Janet Calvitti
Teacher, New Jersey

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