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No More Counting on Fingers

Memory Tips

No More Counting on Fingers


Memorize Addition & Subtraction Facts, the Memory Joggers Way, Using Rhymes & Pictures

Written & Illustrated by: Donnalyn Yates, M.Ed

How do we teach children to memorize 7 plus 5 is 12 and all the other 161 addition and subtraction facts? No wonder they are counting on their fingers! It seems too overwhelming! This book is similar to the Addition/Subtraction Rhyming Card system but is designed to begin with very young children,  teaching them to count using rhymes and pictures.


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Here’s What’s Included…

  • No More Counting on Fingers  [MJ940 : 84-page book]
  • Preschool through primary grades

The book begins with teaching children how to count forward and backward using pictures and rhymes.
The next step is to  memorize the addition/subtraction facts using easy to remember clapping rhymes, and fun pictures to color.

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