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Let’s Memorize States & Capitals

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Let’s Memorize States & Capitals


This set of 50 cards uses a proven memory system to teach the states and capitals of all 50 states and where each state is located on a map. It’s easy and fun with Memory Joggers, Let’s Memorize States & Capitals.

See below for how it works!


How it Works

What’s the Capital of Louisiana?
Baton Rouge

BLOG Post 07/26/11 – Memorizing States & Capitals is Fun

Louise and Anna sat on a bat and put on rouge before the baseball game.

Remember: Louisiana = Louise & Anna
Baton Rouge = bat on rouge

By using silly pictures and word associations, children remember the capitals and tie them in with the state instantly!

The plus with this system is… students memorize not only the capitals of each state but learn the geographical location. Teaching by region and finding states on the included map, students quickly learn where each state is located.

Here’s What’s Included…

  • 50 Cards  [5.5″ x 8.5″]
  • Two [2] U.S. Maps
  • Instruction & Game Booklet
  • Testing Sheet


Words of praise for Let’s Memorize States & Capitals…

Memory Joggers, you’ve done it again!  Thank you for making memorization fun.  My daughter learned all 50 states and their capitals in about 2 weeks.
L. Kirkpatrick
San Diego, CA


I love your States and Capitals cards! I’m amazed at how quickly (and painlessly) my kids have learned the states and capitals. The pictures and word associations made it so easy for them. No boring drill and kill! Thank you for turning a normally dry and boring topic into an exciting learning experience.
Thank You!
Jena Names
Custom Homeschool Curriculum

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