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Rhymes to Remember Add/Subtract Facts

Memory Tips

Rhymes to Remember Add/Subtract Facts

Did you know rhymes are one of the most powerful tools in memorization? And yes, we want our kids to remember that 5 + 8 = 13 without counting on their fingers. Rhymes solve that problem. Pictures are the answer for our visual learners.

5 plus 8 is 13
Rode around in a limousine
13 minus 5 is 8
Drove right through the garden gate!

Add a clapping pattern for kinesthetic learners while repeating the rhyme, and it is soon stored in long term memory. Subtraction in the fact family, is remembered too.

Rhymes with pictures are available for any budget.
MJ530 Add Subtract Rhymes Download E-book for $10.95
MJ330 Add/Subtract Rhyming Cards (2 sided cards) for $19.95
MJ320 Add/Subtract Basic Set with CD and Activity Book for $39.95
MJ310 Add/Subtract Deluxe includes the Basic set and Memory Tips for Math book for $49.95.

Make learning fun and easy for you and your students.