Recommended Reading, Writing & Vocabulary Apps

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Recommended Reading, Writing & Vocabulary Apps

Kids love to play on tablet devices. Why not give them some apps that will challenge their brains? These are some reading, writing and vocabulary apps that I recommend for the iPad. I’m sure there are similar apps for your computer or device.


MJ_052612aShake-a-Phrase asks students to identify adjectives, nouns and verbs within the context of the sentence. It also features “silly sentences” with a dictionary for building vocabulary. There are “story starters” to inspire creative writing. Provide your child with a blank book made from folded 8-1/2″ x 11″ plain paper with a colored construction paper cover and stapled together. Throw out some ideas to use with the “silly sentences” to get them going. Pictures prompt even more writing. Children love being authors and having their own books to share with others.


MJ_052612cWordCub For the younger student learning sounds and letters, I recommend Word Cub. Children listen and then match the correct letter names or sounds and read words. It makes learning phonics fun.


This is what Diane Darrow, educational blogger writes: “This is a great app to help young children learn letter names and sounds. It also nicely models the blending of letter sounds to make words. Children can listen and then match the correct letter names or sounds, or practice reading across a word. Adjust the settings and the blocks display either upper case or lower case letters. The words all use short vowels. Select the consonant letter blends for the initial sounds and the task just got a bit more difficult. With a left to right sweep of the finger, children can hear how letter sound blend to create a word. This app helps children recognize letter names and sounds and recognize directionality and blending.”


MJ_052612dRootology This app helps upper elementary, junior high and high school students understand the meaning of prefixes, suffixes plus Greek and Latin word roots. Students will walk away from this app able to recall the meaning of word roots and the skills to define new vocabulary. There are over 5000 flash cards designed by Harvard graduates that will make taking the SAT’s easier. You can buy it for 99¢