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Who Can Benefit

Memory Tips

Memory Joggers Will Reach Every Child. Every child needs the chance to do his or her best. Our system makes that easy to do.  We have proven success with the following types of students:



Preschoolers are so ready for learning, but parents often wait for the school to teach counting and basic math, and children miss years of precious time. All of the research proves that the young child’s brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything. We provide rhymes and pictures, so children can begin to understand the idea of counting and that leads to the next step of memorizing addition & subtraction.

Elementary Students

In grades K-5, mathematics is taught very quickly, moving ahead to more complex problems. Students are told to remember that 8+4 = 12, but aren’t given tools to help them memorize. They end up counting on their fingers and some never memorize. At Memory Joggers we developed a proven method using rhymes, pictures and playful activity to teach instant recall of addition and subtraction facts. (See our Addition & Subtraction products)

Donnalyn Yates, developer of the Memory Joggers Learning System, had phenomenal results with her own third grade classes. She taught a class of 32 students their multiplication and division facts from 0 - 9 in two months. Several had ADHD and Dyslexia, plus many were ESL students.

Test scores showed 97% of the students knew all the facts -- not only multiplication, but division as well.

Multiplication and division is quickly mastered in less than two months using pictures, stories, associations and rhymes. Again instant recall is the goal and it is easily achieved! (See our Multiplication & Division products)

We know that remembering math vocabulary and math procedures can be tough for students. We came up with simple mnemonic methods using acronyms, pictures, stories and rhymes to make learning fun and easy! All of our products have been tested by teachers in the classroom and parents at home, and found to be successful and easy for anyone to implement. (Check out the popular Memory Tips for Math book.

Middle School Students

Many middle school students lack the necessary skills to solve problems using multiplication and division. Teachers state that these students cannot successfully proceed to higher math because of their limitations. By using the Memory Joggers system, they quickly learn the stories and memorizing the facts. Now they are able to catch up with their peers and boost, not only their confidence, but their math scores as well.

Children with Special Needs

The words “special needs” and “learning disabilities” are not always a fair description. Often the child simply is not able to learn using conventional methods. Children with ADHD, Dyslexia and Williams Syndrome succeed using Memory Joggers because of the pictures, rhymes and stories. They are finally able to feel good about themselves!

Special Education teachers are delighted with the results of teaching math using the Memory Joggers system. Positive letters and phone calls attest to students’ success:

“I have taught Special Ed for 23 years. I was a little skeptical when I heard you speak at the CARS conference but decided to give it a try. (I’ve tried many, many products to no avail.) Memory Joggers is the easiest and fastest method for teaching multiplication and division I’ve ever found. I’m spreading the word! My students love it and are so pleased with their accomplishment!”

Marion Hall
Los Angeles, CA

Why does Memory Joggers work so well with Special Needs students? We take something that is very abstract (math) and through stories, pictures, associations, rhymes, and clapping activities, turn it into something easily remembered. If learning is fun and exciting, it holds the child’s attention.

English Language Learners

Learning the English language is challenging for students. The Memory Joggers system was designed with ESL students in mind.

  • Simplified words are used in the stories and rhymes.
  • Pictures clarify the words and students learn quickly.
  • Repetition of the words provides ample time to understand meaning.
  • Rhyming helps with phonemic awareness.
  • Writing develops language skills.
  • Math terms and procedures can be seen visually to help define words.
  • Acting out stories helps internalize the meaning of words.
  • Students in becoming proficient in math, which builds confidence.

“I am dropping you this email to let you know how well Memory Joggers works with my ESL students. It’s not only helping with their math skills but with language development as well. Thank you.”

Karen MacIntyre
Santa Ana, Calif.


Homeschoolers love Memory Joggers! Children learn to memorize facts quickly and are able to proceed to more challenging math.

“I have an 11 year old who was really struggling with memorizing multiplication tables. He did this program and within a week or so learned them all. He is so proud that he knows his multiplication/division facts and can now advance much faster in his math. Thank you so much from a “homeschool mom and son”…. your product is great!!”

Anna & Spencer Rowell (Homeschoolers)
Lorena, Texas

Teens & Adults

Frequently adults and teens speak of their embarrassment and frustration, not readily knowing their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Often they purchase the set to use for themselves and within a few weeks their fear is conquered. You are never too old to gain confidence in math.

Our Learning Systems

Super Achiever Package

The Super Achiever Package [MJ200 : 11 items]
The Super Achiever System provides everything needed for your child to memorize all math facts: BOTH the Multiplication & Division Learning System AND the Addition & Subtraction Learning System, PLUS our best-selling book Memory Tips for Math!



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Multiplication & Division: DELUXE Package

Multiplication & Division: DELUXE Edition [MJ210 : 7 items]

Stories & Pictures Make Memorization Easy!

This Deluxe package provides everything needed for your child to learn how to multiply and divide all the facts from 0 through 12. PLUS our best selling book, Memory Tips for Math.

Our Memory Joggers Learning System incorporates proven memory methods to reach all children with their own specific learning styles.  The memory techniques we incorporate into this system use rhymes, stories, pictures, associations, mnemonics;  along with fun activities to speed the learning process. Students learn in less than 2 months.


Not sure which package is right for you?
Compare our Math Learning System Products