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Multiplication & Division Learning System

Memory Tips

Supercharge your child’s memorization skills! It’s the fast, fun and easy way to memorize multiplication and division facts!

How the Multiplication & Division Learning System Works

Every digit has a visual symbol. For example: The number eight sounds (and looks) like a snowman named “Nate.”

Nina (pronounced “nine-uh”) the porcupine is always represented by the number nine. The product, 72 sounds like “sent-to-the-zoo”. Each picture card tells a story on the back so the teacher or parent can read the story while the child listens and watches. It’s easy for the child to remember the story and make associations with the numbers as they see and hear a fun and interesting story.

A Sample Lesson

8 x 9 = 72 (front)

8 x 9 = 72 (front)

Nina the porcupine (9) got a letter and was crying lots of very big porcupine tears when Nate (8) the snowman came along. He asked Nina (9) why she was crying and all she could manage to say was: “Sent to the Zoo!” (72), “Sent to the Zoo!” (72). Finally she stopped crying enough to explain that she had just received a letter that said that she was going to be “sent to the zoo!” (72) and she didn’t want to be caged up! Nate (8) read the letter and said, “Nina (9), you read the letter wrong, it says it wants money “sent to the zoo” (72) to help feed the animals!” Nina (9) was so happy that she immediately sent $72 to the zoo to help feed the animals.

Questions for the Children

8×9=72 [back]

Back of card (click to enlarge)

  • Who was crying? Nina the Porcupine (9)
  • Who was with her? Nate the Snowman (8)
  • What number does “sent to the zoo” sound like? 72
  • What does 72 sound like? “sent to the zoo!”

The Memory Joggers method is based on associations and rhymes. When asked, “What is 8 x 9?” It is easy to remember that 8 is Nate and 9 is Nina along with the story about how Nina thought she was to be “sent to the zoo” which rhymes with the product, 72.

The child has also learned their division facts. “What is 72 divided by 8?” The “72″ sounds like “sent to the zoo.” Eight is Nate and immediately they remember the other character, Nina or 9.

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My friend takes her daughter to a tutor for math because she was having lots of problems and she used your system and PRESTO! She gets straight A’s. Please send me the system for my child.

Toni Willingham, Parent
Pasadena, California



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Super Achiever Package

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Multiplication & Division: DELUXE Package

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This Deluxe package provides everything needed for your child to learn how to multiply and divide all the facts from 0 through 12. PLUS our best selling book, Memory Tips for Math.

Our Memory Joggers Learning System incorporates proven memory methods to reach all children with their own specific learning styles.  The memory techniques we incorporate into this system use rhymes, stories, pictures, associations, mnemonics;  along with fun activities to speed the learning process. Students learn in less than 2 months.


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