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Addition & Subtraction Learning System

Memory Tips

Rhymes are the most effective way to memorize!

Do you remember “In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue”? That simple rhyme will be remembered all your life. And so will the rhymes and pictures in the Memory Joggers Addition and Subtraction system.

How it Works

When a rhyme is repeated aloud, it is easily remembered. By adding a fun clapping pattern and pictures that illustrate the rhymes, the learning process
is enhanced.


Listen to an example of 8 plus 9 with rhyming and clapping:

The child looks at the visual picture on one side of the large card while repeating the rhyme along with the teacher or parent.

Hand clapping in time with the beat of the rhyme, enhances the memorization process and makes it fun!

If learning something is fun, it is more likely to be remembered. Children are encouraged to clap the rhymes with a partner, developing different patterns.

The key to this method of learning is the “fact family”. The student is making an association between all three numbers, such as 8, 9 and 17.

8 + 9 = 17             9 + 8 = 17
17 – 8 = 9               17 – 9 = 8

When the student is asked “what is 17 minus 9?” the other number in the fact family [8] is instantly remembered. By repeating a rhyme aloud along with the clapping, the association of the three numbers is remembered.

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“The children love clapping out and repeating your rhymes. We’ve only learned 3 so far but I am eager for them to start personal books that will include their writing of the rhymes, a picture they colored and a corresponding fact family. The concept of teaching the addition and related subtraction fact together is so beautifully logical that it’s exciting!”

Evelyn McLaughlin, Teacher
Huntington Beach, CA


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Super Achiever Package

The Super Achiever Package [MJ200 : 11 items]
The Super Achiever System provides everything needed for your child to memorize all math facts: BOTH the Multiplication & Division Learning System AND the Addition & Subtraction Learning System, PLUS our best-selling book Memory Tips for Math!



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Addition & Subtraction: DELUXE Edition

Addition & Subtraction: DELUXE Edition [MJ310 : 5 items]

Help your child succeed when math gets tough!

This package includes not only how to add and subtract all the facts from 2 + 2 through 9 + 9, but our best selling book, Memory Tips for Math. This book was designed to make math skills easier to understand and learn!


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