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Oh No! Weekly Spelling Tests!

Memory Tips

Oh No! Weekly Spelling Tests!

It’s time again to help our kids pass the weekly spelling test! And if your child struggles to spell, help is HERE! Use “acronyms” like this one for the word “because”:

Big Elephants Can Always Upset Small Elephants.

The first letter of each word in the fun sentence spells out “because”. It is best to make the sentence silly or ridiculous. It’s always easier to remember something funny!

How about this acronym for learning to spell “arithmetic”:

A Rat In The House Might Eat The Ice Cream

Add a picture and the visual learners will remember the acronym.

Be creative! Encourage your child to dream up their own pictures and acronyms. Make it fun! Only use this method for a few of the words because it might become a chore to remember all the sentences. Most words can be sounded out phonetically.

I’m working on putting all these ideas together in a spelling memory book for kids. Send me any of your successful methods and I may include them in my new book! (with a credit, of course!)

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