Memory & Math Apps to Keep the Brain Sharp!

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Memory & Math Apps to Keep the Brain Sharp!

Apps for Summer Fun!

Summer is quickly approaching and kids need to be challenged. I love games that are not only fun but stimulate the brain! If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone, look for similar games for the computer.


MJ_052312aI especially like Rocket Math. This app cleverly integrates learning math with rocket design. Perfect for the elementary student who needs to brush up on his/her math skills. It’s in the top ten apps for elementary school kids.

This is what Diane Darrow, educational blogger writes about Rocket Math: “Last winter, while overseeing the library during recess, I noticed a large number of boys crammed around an iPad. I was immediately suspicious. Why were they all swarming together and furthermore what could possibly be attracting a large number of boys to the library during recess? They were playing Rocket Math! This app cleverly integrates learning math with experimenting with rocket design. Students can practice reciting math facts, counting money, telling time, recognizing fractions, decimals, geometric shapes, number patterns and even square roots. Every time a child completes a task, they earn money that can purchase rocket parts. This appears to be an exceptional motivator!”


MJ_052312biLiveMath is a challenging word problem app that progresses through 3 levels. What I like the most about this app, is the blending of math with science, history, special events, geography and additional general knowledge. It not only reviews basic skills but addresses time, distance, speed, counting, geometry, money and fractions. This app teaches a child how to solve a word problem and connect to subjects found in the real world.

iLiveMath is divided into categories with challenging math problems that tie in with the subject:

  • Oceans
  • Animals of Africa
  • Transportation Trio
  • Agriculture & Entomology
  • Inspired by the Winter Olympics


MJ_052312cKickBox The MIND Research Institute created this app using a penguin who needs help crossing the edge of a blocked grid. Students need to open the path by properly placing laser beam reflectors on a gird. When a light beam hits the angle of a reflector panel, it can bend, and hit a target that will open the path for the penguin. KickBox requires procedural thinking and develops student ability to read points within a graph.


MJ_052312dMemory Matches This is my recommendation for not only kids, but parents and teachers, to keep the brain “fit”. This is like the card game “Concentration” but uses various symbols. Take a few minutes several times a day to try to improve your time. By stimulating your brain you will be staving off memory loss and having fun challenging yourself or family members.

Let me know if you have other apps that you love and I’ll add them to this resource list.