Preschoolers have an amazing ability to memorize rhymes. There are many reasons to encourage this activity. Neural pathways are forming in the brain and in these early years, memorization stimulates future learning. What a wonderful opportunity for children to begin to learn to add and subtract using rhymes and pictures. My new Add/Subtract Rhyme ebook is available on Magic Blox.

If you haven’t visited MagicBlox with your children, you are missing out! It’s an online children’s book library. Children can pick a book with bright colorful illustrations and clever new stories and read to their heart’s content!  I was very impressed with the site and the service it’s providing to children and new authors. I’m adding some of my new books too. Check out Magic Blox and look for Add/Subtract Rhyme Book

Now you can add more books to your child’s library without leaving your home! All you need is access to the web.  The other plus, is the video and sound in some of the books. I also found that the library is constantly growing in size. I like the concept and you can try it out for free.