I’m excited! I Just finished creating a set of cards for memorizing states and capitals using pictures and associations and I am really pleased with the result!!  Here’s a preview:

This is a great way to have your children learn not only the capital for each state but it’s location.  How many of us don’t know where certain states are located?? This system makes it easy.  States are grouped by regions.  There are U.S. maps to help kids locate the states and assessment sheets to check their progress.

The reason it works so well is because there’s a memory trigger for the state name that ties in with the capital name.  Look at the sample card.  What is the capital of Washington? Washington brings to mind, “George Washington” and the picture of old George doing figure skating at the Olympics pops into your head. Now you have the reminder that the capital of Washington is Olympia (Olympics=Olympia).

It’s a fun way to learn! Let me know what you think.