Let those “talkers” talk! (Audio Learners)

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Let those “talkers” talk! (Audio Learners)

Summer fun for Audio Learners!

If your child is an Audio Learner, let me show you some creative ideas to stimulate his or her brain this summer and on into the school year.

First of all, Audio learners are usually talkers. The only way they remember things is by talking about it.  Believe it or not, they need to hear themselves say it aloud.  That’s why all those work sheets they do in silence, are like torture.  They might as well be talking to friends, they’d probably learn more!

Spelling is tough for audio learners since the English language is not that easy to spell when you hear it.  First get a list from the internet of the spelling words for the grade level  just completed.  You’re wondering “Why not get a list of next year’s words?”  Well, little Johnny may have passed all the weekly spelling tests by memory but promptly forgot soon after. Try  acronyms for those tricky words like “rhythm.”

Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move

Notice the first letter of each word spells out “rhythm”.  Try this acronym for “because”,

Big Elephants Can Always Upset Small Elephants

That talker of yours is going to love making up more acronyms!  The crazier they are, the easier it is to remember.

Try putting the spelling word to music or rhyme.  Remember this old one for “Mississippi?


You’ll be amazed at what your kids can create by spelling a word to a song. And believe me, they won’t forget it.  That reminds me, look at the word “believe”. Did you know there’s a “lie” in it?  So don’t believe everything you see!

Reading can be tedious for Audio Learners if they have to read silently. Have them read aloud, using different voices for every character.  Oh, they’ll love it!  Let them perform before an audience of family and friends. Use sound effects and record it as a radio play.  Do you remember radio?? Or better yet, turn it into a Podcast!

Non-fiction books are perfect for Audio Learners.  After reading about a subject like fish or dogs, tell them to teach what they learned to another family member.  Grandma’s are always good listeners!

What about math, especially word problems? Make it a family affair.  Talk about the problem and let your audio learner discover what makes sense.  Often, just by talking it out they understand.

Make up rhymes for difficult math words.  Maybe they can’t remember what the  word “quotient” means.

Quotient, “kwo-shunt”
What a funny word,
The answer to division
Isn’t that absurd?

Maybe they’re still counting on their fingers instead of memorizing add/subtract facts, or maybe they haven’t mastered multiplication/division yet.  You might want to check out the systems I developed.

Celebrate your Audio Learner!  Sure they talk a lot and on and on….but what fun you can have with them and you always know what they’re thinking about!