Do your kids struggle with learning liquid measurement? Do they have trouble remembering how many cups, pints and quarts there are in a gallon?

Here’s a memory tip for learning liquid measurement. As students draw the large G tell them this story: In the kingdom of Gallon there were 4 Queens (Q is for quarts. 4 quarts in a gallon), each queen had a Prince & Princess (P is for pints. 2 pints in a quart). Each Prince & Princess had 2 Cats (C is for Cups, 2 cups in a pint.)
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This is an easy way for visual students to remember liquid measurement. Making associations and seeing this visual concept, puts the information into children’s long-term memory!
Learning how to memorize math terms with pictures, stories and rhymes, makes life much easier! Check out my site for “know how” solutions. Look through my Memory Tips for Math book to see if this is something that would help your child gain a little “know how.”