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Journal Writing Prompts for May

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Journal Writing Prompts for May

Journal writing is the best way to teach students to express themselves. It’s short, to the point and if there are thought provoking questions, children  are inspired to begin the habit of writing a few sentences. With time, the sentences become paragraphs and children are aware of their opinions. When I was teaching, writing a few sentences about a quote or topic was the first thing my students did.  For the next few weeks in my blogs, I’m going to share ideas about writing and provide lots of ideas to write about.

In the month of May, the character building theme is to appreciate and accept everyone and develop a positive attitude. Here are some writing ideas to get your students going.

May 1… The first day of May is called “May Day”.

Years ago, children made paper baskets, filled them with flowers and left them on a neighbor’s doorstep. Why do you think they did this? To whom would you give a basket of flowers and why?

Take a look at May 1st. After you read the prompt, always give an example. “When I was a little girl I loved making May Day baskets. I’d weave the baskets from strips of paper, add a few flowers and leave them on the doorstep of our next door neighbor. She was kind of cranky and I think it made her feel happy.”

May 2… Let nature be your teacher. (William Wadsworth)
Write about all the things you can learn from nature.

Discuss as a class, the many things we observe from nature. The changing seasons tell us when winter is coming. Dark clouds tell us a storm is coming, etc. Encourage students to share their writing with the class.

May 3…The first week in May is “Be kind to animals” week. What would animals say if they could talk? What would you ask your cat or dog? What is something kind you can do for an animal?

Tomorrow I’ll add some more writing prompts from my “Thought for the Daybook and from “Kid’s Writing Journal.”