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Journal Writing – Just for Fun!

Memory Tips

Journal Writing – Just for Fun!

This is a sure-fire way to get your child writing. Buy 2 little blank books. One for your child and one for you. Talk about fun subjects, quotations and sayings,  (get ideas from Thought for the Day book or Kid’s Writing Journal.)

Try this writing prompt, “If I share what I have, it will make someone else feel good.” What could you share with someone today? How do you think it would make them feel? Now, each of you write your idea, and illustrate it if you want. The fun part is in the sharing. It’s amazing what each of you learn from the other. Next time  have your child pick the writing prompt.

Quotations are fun too. “I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells. (Dr. Seuss) “Nonsense” means writing about silly things. Today wake up your brain cells and write something silly! Journal writing promotes complete freedom.  If you can draw or doodle along with writing, you can create and be yourself. No rules! Correct spelling, grammar and sentence structure can be taught elsewhere. Journal writing is an outlet for self expression. This is the amazing benefit;  if children develop the habit of writing, their writing improves immensely.