Improve Math Scores in 30 Days!

Memory Tips

Improve Math Scores in 30 Days!

Wow!  That’s a bold claim!  But it’s true.  There are two math subject areas that MUST be memorized or children will suffer all of their lives… addition/subtraction facts and multiplication/division facts. Picture this; your child is taking a math test with word problems and they understand the mathematical procedure of what to do, but as they are slowly counting on their fingers, they miss by one.  The problem is wrong, near misses don’t count.   Plus they aren’t able to finish all of the test because so much time is wasted counting.  Math scores plummet.

Being a teacher, I would say 80% of the errors made are because children do not add/subtract or multiply/divide correctly.  They have not memorized the facts..  I saw this over and over while teaching third grade.  I was so frustrated I decided to develop memory systems using pictures, stories and rhymes to teach kids to memorize each fact.  And believe me, it worked!

Once students can answer the question, what is 8 + 4, and be able to blurt out 12 without using some slow counting method, they are on the road to success.  I’ve had adults tell me they still count on their fingers for some of the numbers, or they don’t have any idea what 8 x 9 is.  The brain relies on habits.  If the habit of counting is never replaced with memorization, the consequences will affect the person all their lives.  Think of taking the SAT’s and needing to count or guess at an answer.

Determine which facts your child needs to memorize.  Focus on those facts using memory techniques that work. You will be amazed at how fast they will learn to memorize and be able to recall the answers quickly. Yes, they will be able to improve their math scores in 30 days!