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Dividing Fractions and Other Memory Tips

Memory Tips

Dividing Fractions and Other Memory Tips

I found this clever video to help students remember the order of operations for dividing fractions. It uses the “Keep, Change, Flip” mnemonic to teach students how to divide fractions. Keep the first fraction the same. Change the division sign to multiplication.  Flip the second fraction over, then solve it the same way as a multiplication problem by multiplying the numerators and denominators. The song shows students this process with an example problem and explains the math behind it. I like this mnemonic because it works for all learning styles.


Keep, Change, Flip! by Flocabulary – a great song for remembering how to divide fractions!

  • A picture of a concept helps the Visual Learner remember
  • The rap dialog and repetitive pattern appeals to the Auditory Learner
  • The Kinesthetic Learner moves his or her body to the sounds and remembers by the action
  • It’s fun! When learning is enjoyable, it always enhances memory

When the phrase, “Keep, Change and Flip” is repeated multiple times, it is stored in long term memory. I would probably add an acronym for the phrase; “K C Flip” and call the dragon K.C. (Casey) and remember the pancake turner in his hand flipping the numbers.

While we are talking about division, take a look at this memory tip for remembering the meaning of “divisor,” “dividend” and “quotient.”
Use a rhyme for remembering “quotient”:
Quotient – “Kwo-shunt”
What a funny word,
The answer to division
Isn’t that absurd?


“Divisor” and “Dividend” are similar and often mixed up. Analyze the words. How are they different? One has a short word “or” at the end. The other has a longer word, “end”. The shorter word, “divisor” is always on the outside of the bracket trying to get in but the word is too small. The larger number, “dividend” is inside waiting to be divided.



Another memory tip for remembering the order of operations for long division:

Step 1 – Dad reminder to Divide
Step 2 – Mother reminder to Multiply
Step 3 – Sister reminder to Subtract
Step 4 – Brother reminder to Bring down
Step 5 – Rover (the dog) reminder to Repeat or notice the Remainder