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Get ’em Dancing and Singing (Audio Learners)

22 October, 2009

There’s so many ways to engage children while they’re learning. And sources abound. Like this video of Feist on Sesame Street… ...
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Oh No! Weekly Spelling Tests!

15 October, 2009

It’s time again to help our kids pass the weekly spelling test! And if your child struggles to spell, help is HERE! Use “acronyms” like ...
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Categories: Memory & Learning

Remembering the Meaning of “Parallel”

4 September, 2009

How many kids struggle with the definition for “parallel”? Let’s make it easy for them. There are three parallel lines in the word!  Wow!  Just ...
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More Math Memory Magic

27 August, 2009

When I was teaching third grade, I noticed children missing a word problem because they couldn’t remember if the word “sum” was an adding word ...
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My New Book, Thought for the Day is published!!

30 July, 2009

Hi everyone, Wow! This has been a busy time for me, getting my new book in print.  It’s called Thought for the Day, 365 Journal ...
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No Summer Boredom for Visual Learners!

20 June, 2009

If you read my previous blog on discovering your child’s learning style, you must be reading this because you have a Visual Learner in your ...
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What is Your Child’s Learning Style?

15 June, 2009

I can remember looking at math word problems as a child, and feeling none of this made any sense. My dad, who was good at ...
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Categories: Memory & Learning

Welcome to my Blog about Memory Tips

1 May, 2009

Hi! If you want to learn about all kinds of memory tips to help students succeed, you’re in the right place!  As a teacher in ...
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Categories: Memory & Learning
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