Memorize the 7 Continents with Easy Memory Tip

Memory Tips

Memorize the 7 Continents with Easy Memory Tip

BLOG Post 08/04/11 – Memorize the 7 Continents with Easy Memory Tip

It’s easy to remember a list of things if you have a plan. Let’s say we want to remember the 7 continents in the world: Africa Antarctica Asia Australia North America South America Europe   Step 1 – Analyze the list. Four continents begin with the letter “A”. Two other continents begin with “A” but…

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Journal Writing – Just for Fun!

BLOG Post 07/29/11 – Journal Writing – Just for Fun!

This is a sure-fire way to get your child writing. Buy 2 little blank books. One for your child and one for you. Talk about fun subjects, quotations and sayings,  (get ideas from Thought for the Day book or Kid’s Writing Journal.) Try this writing prompt, “If I share what I have, it will make…

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Memorizing States & Capitals is Fun!

Making it Fun for Kids to Learn I just received the nicest comment about “Let’s Memorize States & Capitals” cards. This is why I love what I do. (Making memorizing fun.) I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could associate the state name with the capital name. I tried different stories and…

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Thousands of Children’s books – Free!

BLOG Post 04/26/11 – Check out my Add/Subtract Rhyme Book on MagicBlox

Preschoolers have an amazing ability to memorize rhymes. There are many reasons to encourage this activity. Neural pathways are forming in the brain and in these early years, memorization stimulates future learning. What a wonderful opportunity for children to begin to learn to add and subtract using rhymes and pictures. My new Add/Subtract Rhyme ebook…

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Art Stimulates Learning in Children

I recently read an interesting article in Parenting Magazine called, “Why Art Makes Kids Smarter.” I’ve been concerned for a long time about the cut back of art programs in the public schools. Art, music, drama all provide access to right brain creating and learning and we need this balance of logic (left brain) and…

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Sudoku Math to Stimulate Young Brains

BLOG Post 02/23/11 – Sudoku Math to Stimulate Young Brains

Kindergarten Sudoku I just came across a book that I think is a brilliant idea – Kindergarten Sudoku by Peter Kattan.  I’ve been studying the way children learn for many years, so I appreciate the educational value of this type of book. If children are exposed to logical puzzles and sequencing at an early age,…

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Let’s Memorize States & Capitals

BLOG Post 01/26/11 – Let’s Memorize States & Capitals

I’m excited! I Just finished creating a set of cards for memorizing states and capitals using pictures and associations and I am really pleased with the result!!  Here’s a preview: This is a great way to have your children learn not only the capital for each state but it’s location.  How many of us don’t…

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Write a love note to your child!

BLOG Post 10/06/10 – Write a love note to your child!

I was reading a blog written by Rhonda Cratty about the importance of writing little notes to our children.  This is what she said about sharing a book together. Open a book; sharpen a pencil and write your child a love note about a book you are enjoying together. I promise your words will last…

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Drawing with Children Develops Right-Brain Thinking

BLOG Post 07/05/10 – Drawing with Children Stimulates Writing Skills

Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes If summer feels boring for your kids, teach them to draw.  “But I don’t know how to draw,” you moan.  Well, Mona Brookes shows you and your child how to “see” objects and the space around them and be able to draw it quite accurately.  This isn’t a book where…

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Learning Liquid Measurement

BLOG Post 07/04/10 – Learning Liquid Measurement

Do your kids struggle with learning liquid measurement? Do they have trouble remembering how many cups, pints and quarts there are in a gallon? Here’s a memory tip for learning liquid measurement. As students draw the large G tell them this story: In the kingdom of Gallon there were 4 Queens (Q is for quarts.…

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