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Memory Tips


It’s amazing how a math memory system helps learning challenged students. I had a little girl in my third grade class who would freeze at the mention of math.  When I introduced multiplication and division using my story cards, she perked up and easily remembered the stories and pictures. She was elated after the first test when her paper was returned to her marked 100%.

One morning I opened my email and a mother told me about her Down Syndrome child. I was thrilled to hear her good news!

I just wanted to send a quick email telling you that my son and I are having fun with your multiplication and division system. He is 8 and has Down syndrome. We’ve been kind of hit and miss with the memory joggers this summer, however, this morning he remembered 9 x 7, 8 x 4 and 9 x 9. And the best part of it is that he thinks it’s so much fun! We act pretty silly and have a really good time going over the stories.


Parent in Collingsville, Illinois

More satisfied customers:

I’ve used Memory Joggers Multiplication and Division Story Cards for 15 years. I don’t know how I’d teach without them. My learning challenged students would never have learned their facts without them. Thanks Memory Joggers!


Joan S., Emeryville, CA

I have an 11 year old who was really struggling with memorizing multiplication tables.  He did this program and within a week or so learned them all.  He is so proud that he knows his multiplication/division facts and can now advance much faster in his math.  Thank you so much from a “homeschool mom and son”…. your product is great!!


Anna & Spencer R., Homeschoolers, Lorena, TX

I ordered a set of your multiplication cards in late November for my son who has struggled with learning his facts since 3rd grade.  He has mild cerebral palsy and could never retain them for any length of time.  He is now in 7th grade.  I modified your technique by only giving him 1 new card a day to learn so it took us about one month to get through the cards.  I am happy to report that he received a 97% on his last 100 problem test.  His teacher was amazed!  His score at the beginning of the year was 49%.Thanks for all you have done to help children learn!


Polly W., Michigan

I am dropping you this email to let you know how well Memory Joggers works with my ESL  students. It’s not only helping with their math skills but with language development as well. Thank you.


Karen M., Santa Ana, CA

When I began teaching third grade, I found some difficulty with teaching the basics of multiplication. I tried rote drills, writing times tables, speed drills etc. I recently discovered your system and it works like magic! The children are multiplying like I would have never believed they could. Your program is a remarkable way of teaching the basics of multiplication and division. It’s worth it’s weight in gold!


Janet C., teacher, New Jersey

My friend takes her daughter to a tutor for math because she was having lots of problems and she used you system and PRESTO! She now gets straight A’s. Please send me the system for my child.


Toni W., parent, California

Check out Custom Homeschool Curriculum and their praises for Memory Joggers. BTW, this is a great place to learn about different Learning Styles.

Fast and Fun!
I absolutely love the Memory Joggers Multiplication and Division program. My daughter learned her facts in one month and best of all … she still remembers them! Even the really hard ones. Thanks!


Jena Names, Custom Homeschool Curriculum

Praise for the Addition/Subtraction Learning System:

The children love clapping and repeating your rhymes for the addition and subtraction system. We’ve only learned 3 so far but I am eager for them to start personal books that will include their writing of the rhymes, and coloring the picture. Teaching the addition and related subtraction fact together is so beautifully logical that it’s exciting!


Evelyn M., Second Grade Teacher, Huntington Beach, CA

I just can’t imagine how I taught the old way. The Memory Joggers method is fun, easy and uses all the learning modalities necessary for sound teaching.


Laura T., Second Grade Teacher, Minneapolis, MN