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4 Ways to Plan Safe Family Activities During School Breaks

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4 Ways to Plan Safe Family Activities During School Breaks

You and your family are looking forward to school breaks this year, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still a concern for parents. Therefore, you’re probably wondering how to use those days off without putting your family’s health and safety at risk. From enjoying activities from Memory Joggers that are geared to your child’s learning style to setting out on a road trip, you’re not necessarily limited by the pandemic. Here’s how to embrace your time off together during the pandemic while allowing your children to explore their individual learning styles. 


Family Road Trip 

If your family wants to travel to a far-away destination, you don’t have to postpone your plans. But because of the pandemic, you might want to drive rather than fly. Road trips can be especially fun for visual learners – you can learn a lot about a place just by seeing it through the car window! To keep your kids occupied on a road trip, TripSavvy recommends playing offline games, bringing toys and activities that are suitable for the car, and occasionally stopping in safe, outdoor locations where your family can get some fresh air without ending up in close quarters with other people.


Planning a Staycation

What if you’d prefer to be extra cautious this year and plan a staycation rather than going out of town? You can still find plenty of ways to make school breaks feel special when you stay home, from hosting family movie marathons to doing arts and crafts. In addition, visiting local museums can be appealing for both visual and auditory learners. You’ll be able to see interesting exhibits, and you may have the option of going with a tour guide or listening to a personal audio tour.


Outdoor Activities

Hiking, biking, and going to the beach are all fantastic outdoor activities that kids and adults can still enjoy despite the pandemic. But you don’t have to go far from home to enjoy outdoor activities with your family. In fact, teaching your kids skills like gardening and basic home maintenance can be a great way to connect with kinesthetic learners. You can get your kids involved with simple projects like organizing your garage, putting up garden beds, or building birdhouses.

School breaks are also a good time to tackle bigger home improvement projects that might require the help of a contractor, like installing a fence. Check out reviews of local fence companies online before meeting with any contractors to get quotes. Double-check that they have insurance and the proper licensing before you move forward with any particular contractor. You should also check to see if they’re aware of underground utility lines. Most homeowners can expect to spend about $4,500 on a new fence, but your overall price will depend on the size of the fence, the materials you use, and where you install it.


Staying Safe

No matter how you decide to spend your break, your family’s safety will inevitably be your top priority. To keep your family safe from the virus while protecting the people around you from potential infection, AARP recommends packing plenty of extra masks as well as water and snacks so that you can avoid making stops and potentially exposing yourself to the virus. It’s also a good idea to have your whole family tested for COVID-19 before you leave, and if you notice any possible symptoms while on the road, find your nearest testing location to find out if you’ll need to call off the trip.

Planning family vacations and staycations during the pandemic can be challenging. But the pandemic does not have to stop you from showing your kids a great time during school breaks! With these tips, you’ll be able to make great memories over school breaks, whether you choose to stay home or explore far away.

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